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How To Know If You Have Chakra Blockages – revised

Types of Chakra Blockages And General Characteristics of Chakra Malfunction

Many of us know about the 7 chakras within the body. There is the Crown chakra (pituitary gland), the 3rd eye chakra (at the pineal gland), the throat chakra, the heart chakra, the solar plexus chakra (at stomach), the sacral chakra (2 inches below navel), and the root chakra (at the tailbone). There is also the 8 morphogenetic chakras located outside of the body and that surround the body, in addition to the 7.

Each chakra has a specific COLOR which represents the specific dimension frequency wave spectra of the color. And the higher the level of the chakra, the higher the frequency it is stationed at, and the less dense energies it runs.

7th Chakra

If someone has a blockage in their 7th chakra (crown chakra), then that person has trouble believing in certain religions, God concepts, or might even be atheist. Or, the person has heavy beliefs regarding a certain religion and feels they need to FORCE their beliefs about their religion unto another. This type of blockage usually comes from conditioning from their families as they grow older

The 7th chakra, corresponding to the dimension-7 level, is located at the top of the head and is the color of violet. It pertains to concepts about God. It also has to do with a person’s ability to see another person’s perspective and UNDERSTAND one another. A person with a blocked crown chakra will have trouble seeing another person’s way of life; and thus have trouble understanding others. They will have a sort of “closed mind” and also their view on life; especially religion.

You might have seen the 7th chakra before too just before falling asleep as your eyes are closed. You might have noticed a dark purple-ish very quickly flashing cluster of energy. It is very subtle but it is there. In many eastern religions and teachings, they call it the “thousand petaled lotus” because when viewed with the 3rd eye/inner vision (6th chakra) it looks like a violet-purple circular, high-blinking “flower” that seems to bloom from the inside out repeatedly..

When a person’s crown chakra is functioning properly, the person does not place their power to a dominating outside force aka “wrathful God”. The person recognizes that “God/Source” is a living essence always present in them that does not judge or belittle them; and that they ARE a living representation of that great force. There is no “ranking” involved whatsoever. The person is also understanding of one another, extremely wise, has a great experience of another person’s perspective, and does not try to push their beliefs of God unto another. The person respects other people’s beliefs (not just about God) and has a great deep compassion for living beings.

6th Chakra

The 6th chakra is the color of Indigo and it is located at the center of the brain; at the pineal gland. Blockages in the 6th chakra will manifest insanity issues. Problems with clarity of mind and being confused are also part of 6th chakra blockages. There is also the obsessions of “freaking out” or anxiety and panic attacks associated with this area. The person generally has some kind of mental disorganization and processing of different personalities, such as in bipolar or schizophrenia. They may switch personalities quickly and it does not matter if it is a large distinction of personality change or a small one. Having many personalities is also a sign the person has Entities attached to their aura.

They also may express polarity of thinking, such as conflicting thoughts nagging them and driving them “insane”- including multiple personality disorders. Indecisiveness and foggy judgement follows as their fragmented thinking takes over. Alzheimer’s is basically not enough energy to the brain, and so there is not enough energy to supply oxygen and nutrients and then the brain cells die at accelerated rates.  People with 6th chakra occupants may also have trouble looking into people’s eyes directly. They act impulsively with their emotions and are unable to control the outbursts when the “attack comes”. Occupants in the 6th chakra are already related to addiction to fantasies, denial of reality and unreal concepts such as excessive fantasizing and addiction to computer games.

When a person’s 6th chakra is functioning properly, they are clear in their mind and see the larger picture as a whole. They view life as a real and down to earth experience. They have full executive command over their brains including the processings of the frontal lobe and pre-frontal cortex. They are aware of their emotions and do not act impulsively. They see the order of life and are aligned with their choices. When looking into another person, they do not shy from looking into their eyes. They have full command over what they want to do and have absolute focus when concentrating on something. Their mind is clear and they can begin to develop their 3rd eye/ inner vision on a deeper level.

5th Chakra

The 5th Chakra is located in the center of the throat. It is the color of blue and blockages in the throat chakra hold issues of lying, trouble speaking the truth, fear of talking, manipulation using words, or deceiving others with words. The person may also have trouble speaking up and expressing themselves through their voice. Their voice may sound soft and weak.

People with blockages in the throat chakra have trouble expressing who they truly are and often have thyroid issues, such as thyroid deficiency which basically is low thyroid hormones. The person may also often have dry mouth and a “rough” voice, and you may hear them often trying to clear their throat. Their breathing is labored and they struggle to get enough oxygen to their body. If they are smoking cigarettes, it’s highly likely there is a chakra entity. Canker sores and sore throats are not uncommon with blockages in the throat chakra.

Those with 5th chakra blockages also have issues with saying “No” and usually let others run their lives because of not being able to express authority and how they feel inside.

A person with a clear and well-functioning throat chakra has a firm, commanding voice and they are not afraid to say “no” or “yes”. Their breathing is steady, their words well-pronounced and speech is clearly heard. They are honest, do what they say and do not try to deceive or manipulate people with words. They are in the flow and are very patient. Order is their way of life and they moderate their tasks easily without overwhelming themselves. They have the qualities of protectiveness and do not push or pressure others with their voice or words.

4th Chakra

The heart chakra is located at the center of the spine at the level of the physical heart. The aura color associated with the heart is green. Blockages in this chakra include heartbreak traumas of a person, love issues, betrayal and affect the ability of the person to love unconditionally or to love themselves.

Many people with blockages in this heart chakra are involved in vampiric relationships where they try to suck love out of another person and it happens so often subconsciously that they don’t even realize it. The person feels betrayed in many different areas. Feelings of “You left me”, “You told me you would come back” “I waited for you for so long”, ”

A deprived heart like this is very hurt on the inside and it is CRITICAL to have the heart chakra cleansed.

In extreme cases, heart attacks occur because the heart is not receiving enough energy and manifests physical blockages that clog the heart arteries. Some people with severely blocked heart chakras can act very heartless and “evil-like”, but the truth is, deep down, they just are very hurt and it is very important to see this so we can assist them out of their ditch.

The person cannot love properly and enters into a codependent relationship which become games of who can get more love from each other. And the relationship can be with anyone, like love and approval from peers or family; not just partners. Other signs of blockages include jealousy, envy and greed. Lack and limitation are also part of this equation.

A TRUE heart will focus on giving love and not dependent on how much they receive. They love without a condition; unconditionally. They are naturally loving, nurturing and caring. They let go of hurtful feelings of others and surrender all issues for the sake of harmony. True compassion and genuine giving are the qualities of a healthy heart. They do not succumb to envy or jealousy because they recognize their self-worth and the depth of their self-love. *(It is not an egoistic self-love of being better than others. It is a humble recognition of the love they carry within them)


3rd Chakra

Also called the Solar Plexus, it is located at the stomach, at the center of the torso, between the navel and the lower ribs. The color ray of the 3rd chakra is yellow. Occupants in the solar plexus chakra hold dominance, power and control issues. People with blockages in the 3rd chakra feel that they are better than others and look at everyone through the eyes of a ranking system. They are constantly trying to win over others and compete to be deemed worthy. Deep inside they have a subconscious feeling of proving themselves because somewhere there is a trauma of not being good enough.

Usually, the ones that want to control others also have self-esteem issues. They try to punish and bully others so that they can feel better about themselves. There exists victimization, blaming, and subservience regarding blockages in the 3rd chakra. A lot of anger manifests into a very acidic stomach as part of the 3rd chakra and in severe cases of anger, it can become stomach ulcers. This usually happens when the person holds in their anger for prolonged periods and does not express their anger..

The person with blockages in the solar plexus chakra feel they are under pressure and about to explode from over-working themselves due to fear of being a failure. They have bitter thoughts and may even become very cruel with no respect to other life forms (also part of a multiple-chakra blockage).

A healthy 3rd chakra manifests in the person as constant joy, confidence, and charisma. The person is humble and does not try to make others their followers. Rather, they cooperate and work together towards a common goal. The person also recognizes that no one victimizes them and is empowered to stand up for themselves. There is no obsession to control others because they see everyone on the same level. Charisma, respect and joy attitudes serve their peers in a way where they attract others to join them in a joyful, natural and non-judgemental manner.

2nd Chakra

The 2nd chakra is also known as the Sacral chakra and it is the color of orange. The location is about 2 inches below the navel and blockages in the 2nd chakra are related to pain and suffering.

All past issues of pain related experiences are part of the Sacral chakra. Issues such as sexual abuse, physical painful abuse, pain-pleasure neuro-associations, and issues related to emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse can include hurtful verbal words directed at the person, psychological pain (also a multiple-chakra issue), and phantom limb pain, etc. The pain can also be from telling yourself to do something and then waiting till the last moment to do it, and suffering the pain of the consequences. Or it can be a painful memory of something. And it can also be suffering while serving jail time or being caged; such as past traumas of slavery. Basically anything to do with pain and suffering that you cringe at when something reminds you of it, is part of this chakra.\

The person also can be oriented to punishing others or making other people suffer. They may be the abusers and may even be addicted to pain.

A person with blockages can manifest extra physical weight. There are “unseen baggages” in the etheric field (astral field) that the person carries and their body reacts to this emotional issue by gaining weight to “shield” itself from incoming hurtful events/words/people. This etheric baggage can be a pain that is preventing the person from receiving proper nutrients as well. The person can also gain weight from a lot of physical abuse since the body is trying to “protect” itself from more abuse. Clearing the 2nd chakra of blockages related to abuse and emotional pain usually has the person losing weight immediately, and without going on a diet plan.

A healthy 2nd chakra manifests in a person as a sturdy, confident person that has great awareness of their emotional aspect. They have emotional mastery and take pleasure in creating a unique life free of pain and suffering. They know what they want and they go after it without being entangled in pain-pleasure games that try to tie them up. They have vitality and vigor to live life and are naturally motivated without using pain as a means to motivate.

1st Chakra

The 1st chakra is the color red and is located at the base of the tailbone. It is also known as the root chakra. All issues related to sex and surviving are part of the root chakra. Issues of sexual orientation, gender, and the fear of death, as well.

Sexual addictions are also part of this chakra. The person becomes too preoccupied with sex and the motives of achieving sex that it interferes with life and that they become predatory and “live for sex” mindset. Or the person is so scared that they will die, that the fear is crippling their behavior TO survive. The person with a blocked root chakra may also appear physically weak and fragile, as well as pale-looking. Or it could be quite the opposite as they solely live for sex and turn all their energy towards trying to satisfy the satiating desires for sex.

Traumas and heavy emotional issues can also alter a person’s sexual orientation and gender identification. Sometimes, a man that is attracted to another man, then cleared of his root chakra blockages, realizes that he was attracted to another men because deep down he had a long-held hatred for women, and therefore refused to be with them. In other cases, some women hold so much against men, that they refuse to be with men. But this does not mean there are legitimate cases of people that are attracted to same sexes.

Blockages in the root chakra can also manifest as low sexual desire. The root chakra may not even be activated enough for the physical aspects to be functioning properly.

A person with a healthy functioning 1st chakra is very grounded and is not afraid to charge forward in life. They are full of physical vigor and enjoy physical activity. Their bodies are energetic and strong. They have physical attraction inherent in their well-functioning bodies delivering all the energy and nutrients to them efficiently. They have a healthy sex life that is not overly demanding, nor is it under-pronounced. It is well balanced.

If you have any of the above symptoms, it means that there is some kind of blockage in your chakras, that you have an overactive chakra, or that you have auric attachments. Aside from blockages in the chakra, there are also other attachments called Entities

Many people shower on a daily basis and clean their laundry. But how often do you hear of someone taking care of their aura?

A fully balanced and well-functioning chakra system is the basis for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. That’s why it is so important to have your aura clear; so you can continue to progress forward in life without any blockages to being successful. Every time you try to do something and you don’t succeed, there is a blockage involved in that. Without a healthy, organized energy system, it’s just going to be chaotic. And you will keep manifesting chaos in your life that show you that you have auric attachments.

I recommend to check out my other post here  Signs you have Auric attachments.

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I speak for those that have felt alone, felt lost, the pain, and darkness; the truth is, you are always taken care of, and this is where I share with you MY experiences of this. I also offer energetic healing sessions to help you move past the highest priority issues you are going through. Follow my ig @heartintention and @heart.jenlee for insights and to schedule a session.


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