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Eating Disorders, Energy Blockages, Food/ Eating, Quantum Energy Dynamics

"I Don’t Want To Eat Food"

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Food probably seems unnatural to you. You have no appetite to eat it and you feel that you shouldn’t be eating this “thing”. There is just a general resistance to eat food.

“Why don’t I like eating food?”

In order to understand why a person can feel like this, we have to understand the reason for it.
When we look at this situation from a different perspective, we realize that it’s not because people don’t understand why you feel this way. Listen, we do understand.

To start,
When a higher being from higher dimensions of awareness brings their higher consciousness awareness down into a baby body, such as when they incarnate, they are not used to eating food period. They are not used to having a stomach. These beings come from a realm where their energy intake is simply from breathing; they are breatharians.

But when they step-down from the higher realms to incarnate here, they merge their consciousness with a physical body imprint. So part of their inherent form they incarnated in, is manifested a physical aspect which is the human body.

When the being that incarnates in this realm and does not have an appetite or desire to eat, it is because this is a new experience and they may not have fully anchored their awareness into the body. At this time, the person cannot live solely off air. They require very physical nutrients and food to support the physical aspect of their multidimensional reality.

Thankfully, Ivonne Delaflor has created a Sacred Code of AH (c) that specifically works on this “dis-order”.

Please share it with your family, children, brother, sister, mother, father, siblings, friends, coworkers, husband, wife, aunt, uncle, grandma, grandpa, cousin; anyone that you think may have this dis-order.

You are not alone and there IS help. Eating disorders can KILL a person. We need to eat food. Our hands, body, face, is all made up of this very physical matter that requires very physical “foods” to sustain us.

Yes it is true,

We can work towards the eventual ability to be breatharians. It is our birthright to be immortal. But first we must start by taking in the proper nutrients to sustain our body and brain function to move forward into that goal.

About Jen Lee

I speak for those that have felt alone, felt lost, the pain, and darkness; the truth is, you are always taken care of, and this is where I share with you MY experiences of this. I also offer energetic healing sessions to help you move past the highest priority issues you are going through. Follow my ig @heartintention and @heart.jenlee for insights and to schedule a session.


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