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The Best Energy Shield Protection: Unconditional Love.

Think about the last argument you had with someone. What were you focused on? Were you sending that person love or were you trying to extract something from them? It could be acceptance, righteousness, approval, disappointment, winning the argument, wanting their love, etc. But have you thought about pausing and shifting your mindset to where you are sending the other person love?

And not just love, but unconditional love: loving someone without needing a reason to, and loving YOURSELF as well. Did you know that the frequency of love is a vibrational harmonization state of being that immediately permeates the imbalance and restores it to equilibrium? Well, to put it simply, unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe and will immediately neutralize any imbalanced (negative) energy.

It’s a “miracle” that we are capable of sending such a frequency to others. But many people are afraid to love. And so they resist and hold back showing it to another person. People send out feelings of fear, shame, guilt, anger instead of showing love and that lowers the whole frequency. We can shift our focus to love by remembering that it simply does not feel good to hate another person and have another person hate on us.

The next time you have an argument and you get into that state of conflict, shift your mindset. Get a breath of air and get out of that tangled state of being. Feel within yourself, the unnecessary argument that has been formed. There is always a resolve without being entangled. Making a big fuss over something will not help it get better. It will only stress YOURSELF while leaving the situation same.

Accept the other person and love them as they are. Forgive them and forgive yourself. Then work together to resolve what you both have created.

About Jen Lee

I speak for those that have felt alone, felt lost, the pain, and darkness; the truth is, you are always taken care of, and this is where I share with you MY experiences of this. I also offer energetic healing sessions to help you move past the highest priority issues you are going through. Follow my ig @heartintention and @heart.jenlee for insights and to schedule a session.


2 thoughts on “The Best Energy Shield Protection: Unconditional Love.

  1. this is very true, the moment a person able to do this completely, miracle happens 🙂 such a sweet reminder from you, Jennifer

    Posted by staviolatte | March 8, 2015, 11:43 am


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