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The Power Of Mental States… And Changing Them

“Cortisol is known as ‘the stress hormone’ because stress activates cortisol secretion.” -by Elizabeth Scott; stress.about.com/od/stresshealth/a/cortisol.htm

So most people think it’s the other way around. But in fact it’s our own emotions of stress that cause our body to secrete massive amounts of cortisol which actually tire out and weaken the body. The truth is when a person goes through this chain reaction, they are upsetting themselves by reacting, creating nasty harmful secretions in their body (cortisol) and then aging the body quicker. Nobody else, but you, can consciously direct your awareness of how you respond to a situation.

If something bad happens, like for example you get into a car crash and you hit the front end of your car (and you are uninjured), you can choose to react negatively with thoughts of–

Oh my god! Someone hit my car! *freak out* *cry* *shriek* *cortisol dumped into body* ~anger, fear, aggression, guilt, shame, blame, etc. *other comments about OTHER people to escape reality*

But reacting in this way is not going to change the situation. It’s still as it is before you reacted, right? All of these mass of emotions occurring in your mind; nobody elses. So try choosing to look at it in a more positive light–

Wow my car has been hit. I’ve gotta exchange information with the other person and plan the repairs. I am not placing a blame on anyone. It is what it is and this is what I’m going to do to resolve this situation. I desire to understand why this has happened and why it has brought to my attention the cause of this so I can learn and prevent this from occurring again.

gratitude releases endorphins

The same formula goes for joyful events. When we feel good, we release endorphins in our body in sync with how we feel. Our will to feel a certain way creates a chemical translation in the body that aligns with how we feel. It’s a chain reaction of intent –> desire –> chemical translation –> further feelings (of course, when a person is freed of analogical moments in their dna– more on this soon:)).

Our mental state is powerful and manifests it’s corresponding emotional and bodily state. When you are sad, you’re going to slouch. When you’re heartbroken, it’s strong enough to make a person cry. When you’re worried, you’re going to create wrinkles.  When you’re happy, you’ll most likely smile, take deeper breaths, look upwards and straighten your back from jumping up. It’s simple as that.

You only get one body so take good care of it, feel joy all the way down to the deepest level of yourself and your body will mirror the youthful sunshine with you~!

About Jen Lee

I speak for those that have felt alone, felt lost, the pain, and darkness; the truth is, you are always taken care of, and this is where I share with you MY experiences of this. I also offer energetic healing sessions to help you move past the highest priority issues you are going through. Follow my ig @heartintention and @heart.jenlee for insights and to schedule a session.


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  1. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant thinking, article is nice, thats why i have read it fully

    Posted by elm327 | July 17, 2013, 9:29 pm

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