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Regaining My Domain- The Voice Of The Feminine

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Dear all beloved wordpress family~! I hope the image here has created some humor here haha; well hopefully we won’t have women going this far. I have some things I’d like to share here. Recently, I signed up for a program by Ivonne Delaflor (rawnesliving.wordpress.com) called Queen Of Confidence. In this program, which focuses on Rebirthing as the Queen Of Confidence, I had the opportunity to learn many many things about myself as a woman such as my real responsibilities and very importantly, my empowerment.

I get very passionate about this topic so here I go. Now why do I create this title as “Regaining My Domain”? Because essentially, that’s what is happening here. Many years of past abuse and disrespect to the women has dented the feminine essence in thinking that we are “not worthy”, “less than men”, “do not deserve” and “cannot achieve”. If you look at the Mother Earth, which is a sphere and see from space all the past traumas, catastrophes, meteors, storms and impacts, it has left scars of painful histories that poke holes challenging the beauty of this Mother Earth. As a reflection of this abuse and with all the past interferences, disrespect and egoistic selfish pollution to the planet, we as humans are responsible for cleaning up our act; and it starts with us.

No more can we as women tolerate the abuse to the feminine power that diminishes us saying we are less than dirt. By eradicating and abolishing all thoughts, words, and actions that belittle YOURSELF as a woman, this is how you can regain YOUR domain. We are not born to serve men’s desires to be used as sex objects and exhaust ourselves as a mechanical “birth machine” or have them decide if they want children. We MAKE OUR OWN DECISIONS as giving life and birth is totally the domain of the woman! This is why we were entrusted with the ultimate power of creation, as a feminine form and with full control of our very own womb.

image credit: http://www.sokwanele.com/node/4867 image credit: http://www.sokwanele.com/node/4867

As I continue to learn more and integrate absolute confidence, less and less I am able to hold the tolerance for being stepped on, having my opinions ignored; especially by men, and absolving the belief that “women do not have a voice”. The time has come for us women to get up off the floor and STAND OUR GROUND for firm boundaries as we have had enough dents of the abuse and disrespect from men (and women). And no, it is not blaming the men for it; It starts with us women. We cannot hold anymore victimizations or blame-games. It’s time to let them go and in its place receive the empowerment protocols.

We must magnetize what we truly desire to support the men to project that what we truly desire. If we keep going around flashing our body and manipulating our power, we are giving off the wrong signals because come on, truly with that, it does not fulfill on our deepest level. What we desire is a true Masculine Benevolent Warrior that is the embodiment of sovereignty, KINDNESS, RESPECT and SUPPORT to the divine feminine that is awakening now. No more boys and irresponsible trolls.

May the feminine power awaken in all women AND men. Let us support each of us together as women to uplift ourselves even more. Namaste and much love to you all~!

Confident Women
Confident Women, image credit: http://transfeminism.tumblr.com/

About Jen Lee

I speak for those that have felt alone, felt lost, the pain, and darkness; the truth is, you are always taken care of, and this is where I share with you MY experiences of this. I also offer energetic healing sessions to help you move past the highest priority issues you are going through. Follow my ig @heartintention and @heart.jenlee for insights and to schedule a session.


3 thoughts on “Regaining My Domain- The Voice Of The Feminine

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience Jennifer! I love to read about it, as I have embarked on this empowerment journey as well!!! 😀 btw, so cool to find you here again! I met you when I shared and experienced my very first TR in Santa Barbara in January 2009!

    Posted by diliasister | September 30, 2013, 11:59 am
  2. Hi, If you could remove the photo credit to kelamuni, that would be cool. It’s not my photo.

    Posted by T Young | March 23, 2021, 3:49 am

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