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Regaining My Domain- The Voice Of The Feminine

image credit: unknown Dear all beloved wordpress family~! I hope the image here has created some humor here haha; well hopefully we won’t have women going this far. I have some things I’d like to share here. Recently, I signed up for a program by Ivonne Delaflor (rawnesliving.wordpress.com) called Queen Of Confidence. In this program, … Continue reading

Inner Freedom

Freedom comes from within. Freedom is not strictly earning the approval from others to dictate how well you can live. If you’re still subjected to the other person’s approval, then that is codependency. Freedom is not “hopeful wishing” in that “I hope they find in their heart to lead our country in the right direction.” … Continue reading

Increasing Your Money-Earning Potential

=This article has been updated to shift into alignment with the Universal Laws= Have you ever looked at an actress, movie star or wealthy person and thought “Wow, they are so lucky.”? It’s no coincidence that they became that way. I can speak of 2 reasons: the subtle energy bodies that govern how a person … Continue reading

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