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The Aura And The 15-Dimensional Time Matrix

There are 7 embodied chakras that are within the human body. And 8 morphogenetic chakras that surround the body. Together it is 15 chakras within this construct called the Time Matrix. Many psychics that are into energy healing work only know about 7 chakras, or 8, or 12. But the reality is that there is a total of 15 chakras as part of a person’s energetic anatomy.


The 15-Dimensional Time Matrix and 15 aura layers

Each of the 15 chakras correspond to a dimensional level and specific color. Each specific dimensional color has a certain frequency vibration. The lower the dimensions are, the denser the matter and reality field it is stationed at. And the lower the frequency of the dimensional reality fields are. The chakras are the energetic turnstiles that move the Source energy coming from the top of the head, downward from the center of the spine through the specific chakras and then which project out the certain frequencies associated with different dimensional wave spectra of colors. This forms the auric layers, or auric capsule.

The 15 dimensions form a set of 5 reality fields. Each of the 5 sets of reality fields, called density levels, contains 3 dimensions of frequencies that form it’s own reality field composed of the certain 3 dimensions.

For example, the dimensions 4, 5 and 6 is collectively called the Soul Identity. It contains the Astral mind/ astral body, the archetype mind and the Angelic mind. It is a station of consciousness of Density-2 and together it forms the Soul Identity.

The dimensions of 1, 2 and 3 collectively form the Incarnate Identity of Density-1. This station of consciousness is what we come into when we are born. We have a subconscious mind, emotional body and the mental body (reasoning mind). Together, this forms the basic perceived separate identity of the Incarnate Identity.

There are 5 Densities and Density-1 is the most dense type of matter. Our physical bodies are much denser than our emotions. And our thinking, reasoning mind, is much less dense than our body. So you can see how each dimensional level up becomes less dense.

When we go to sleep and have dreams, we see the dreams not with our physical eyes, but with our higher senses. And we experience the reality of the dreams in a higher dimensional aspect; as we travel to higher planes during sleep.

When we are awake and look out into the world around us, we are actually seeing the immediate past of our reality. Our consciousness is stationed one dimension above what we see. So when we look out, from a 3rd dimension point of view, we are seeing the 2nd dimension’s emotional level.

We can raise our consciousness station level so that we can perceive higher reality fields.

In this perspective of time, when seeing the lower dimensions as the past, and the higher dimensions as the future, then time has a whole new meaning.

Since each of the 15 Dimensions exist as different density levels, they can all be existing in the same space without conflict of realities. They are separated by a different angle rotation of particle spin between each dimension level and separated by magnetic repulsion zones between a set of 3 dimensions, or density level. So when a person shifts their angular rotation of particle spin of a certain density level, they can shift their station of consciousness and ascend upward to a higher frequency reality field.

The matter states of the density levels from the lower dimensions to the higher dimensions progressively undergo cellular transmutation. As the Density-1 Incarnate physical body matter being in the most dense reality field, under goes bioregenesis, it starts to shift from a physical carbon-based gross matter form into a carbon-silica based biology of the Soul Identity; dimensions 4, 5, and 6. And then progressively going upwards to higher stations of consciousness into a fully silicate biology of the Over-Soul Identity. From the silicate biology, it continues to evolve into a liquid-light biology of the Avatar Identity station of consciousness and then to the ante-matter biology form of the Rishi identity (which are like flaming spheres of light/ the sun).

The 15 dimensions

Incarnate Identity of Density 1

Dimension-1 physical matter/ subconscious mind
Dimension-2 emotional/elemental consciousness
Dimension-3 reasoning mind/ thinking mind

Soul Identity of Density 2

Dimension-4 Astral mind
Dimension-5 Archetype mind
Dimension-6 Angelic Mind

Over-Soul Identity of Density 3

Dimension-7 Ketheric Mind
Dimension-8 Monadic Mind
Dimension-9 Keriatic Mind

Avatar Identity of Density 4

Dimension-10 Christiac Mind (In this context, it is a non-religious term)
Dimension-11 Buddhiac Mind
Dimension-12 Nirvanic Mind

Rishi Identity of Density 5

Dimension-13 Mind
Dimension-14 Consiousness
Dimension-15 Universal Mind

The whole goal of a person is to progressively evolve their biology and station of consciousness so that they can embody more light and eventually become immortal.

In order to continue our path to accreting more light into our being, we have to heal the lower light body of ourselves so that the lower dimensional aura fields can merge together and “ascend” to higher stations of consciousness and expand.

Location of Our 15 Chakras

Our energetic circulatory system must function properly and optimally for dimensional merger of the stations of consciousness. In order to embody our Soul Identity and become less dense, we have to merge our Incarnate Identity with the Soul Identity to form an expanded and higher intelligent body form. If we have any types of auric attachments, blockages, seals, etc., then it prevents this process from occurring. It also prevents a person from activating their DNA.

So the first step we must take is to have our aura cleared in the best way possible. This is what I specialized in. It’s so important to keep our biofields clear and free of “chains” that bind us to a lower dimension and lower density level; which hinder our evolution greatly.

To order your Ultimate Auric Clearing session, visit my site and DM me at:




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